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TITLE YU Jazz All Stars 1977- "4 Lica Jazza"
(4 Faces of Jazz)
RECORDED 1st December 1977, live in "Lisinski", Zagreb
3rd December 1977, live in "Union", Ljubljana
ORIGINAL 21. Jan, 1978. Jugoton LSY 65021/2, (double LP)
Side A:
1. Kosmet (Gojkovic)
2. Old Fisherman's Daughter (Gojkovic)
Side B:
1. My Balkan Lady (B. Petrovic)
2. Green Lobster Dream (B. Petrovic)
Side C:
1. All Of Me (Simons-Marks)
2. Round Abot Midnight (Telonius Monk)
3. Mr. Paganini (Cy Oliver)
4. Nearness Of You (H. Caramichael)
5. Children Grow Fast (Bora Rokovic)
Side D:
1. Song For You (Damir Dicic)
2. Gentle Touch (Damir Dicic)
Dusko Goykovich (tp,flh)
Bora Rokovic (p)
Bosko Petrovic (vib)
Jovan Mikovic (ts)
Kresimir Rameta (b)
Damir Dicic (g)
Ratko Divjak (ds)
Nada Knezevic (voc)