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TITLE Caterina Valente
Kurt Weill - American Songs


ORIGINAL  2000  Bear Family 
01. Moon-Faced, Starry-Eyed (9:43)
02. One Life to Live (6:15)
03. Green-Up Time (3:14)
04. One Touch of Venus (6:03)
05. Here I'll Stay (5:06)
06. It Never Was You (6:43)
07. Speak Low/September Song/This Is New (13:25)
08. Tschaikowsky (2:48)
09. Sing Me Not a Ballad (5:54)
10. Listen to My Song (6:29)
Jean Warland -Bass;  Rob Bruynen - Trumpet;  Andy Haderer - Trumpet;  Wolfgang Hirschmann-Producer, Remixing; Bernt Laukamp - Trombone; Klaus Osterloh - Trumpet; Olivier Peters  Sax (Tenor); Paul Peucker - Saxophone; Rolf Romer  Sax (Tenor), Clarinet; Harold Rosenstein - Saxophone; Heiner Wiberny  Sax (Alto), Clarinet, Flute; Bora Rokovic - Tack Piano, Piano;  Albert Jung -Celli; Henning Berg-Trombone; Caterina Valente  Vocals; Roy Deuvall -Trombone (Bass), Trombone; Dave Horler-Trombone (Valve), Trombone; Rick Kiefer-Trumpet; Jon Eardley - Flugelhorn, Trumpet; Roger Kellaway -  Arranger, Piano