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TITLE YU Jazz All Stars 1977- 4 Lica Jazza 
(4 Faces of Jazz)
RECORDED 1st December 1977, live in "Lisinski", Zagreb
3rd December 1977, live in "Union", Ljubljana
ORIGINAL 21. Jan, 1978. Jugoton LSY 65021/2, (double LP)
Dusko Goykovich (tp,flh), Bora Rokovic (p), Bosko Petrovic (vib), Jovan Mikovic (ts), Kresimir Rameta (b), Damir Dicic (g), Ratko Divjak (ds), Nada Knezevic (voc)
Record 1
Side A:
1. Kosmet (Gojkovic) 
2. Old Fisherman's Daughter (Gojkovic) 
Side B:
1. My Balkan Lady (B. Petrovic) 
2. Green Lobster Dream (B. Petrovic) 
Record 2
Side A:
1. All Of Me (Simons-Marks) 
2. Round Abot Midnight (Telonius Monk) 
3. Mr. Paganini (Cy Oliver) 
4. Nearness Of You (H. Caramichael)
5. Children Grow Fast (Bora Rokovic)
Side B:
1. Song For You (Damir Dicic)
2. Gentle Touch (Damir Dicic)