Two young guys from Belgrade (Serbia) started Belgradeyard Sound System more than 4 years ago. Goran Simonoski (born 1973) and Relja Bobic (born 1979) set up a live music radio show on the airwaves of the now famous Radio B 92. This show is still the basis of all their activities, which spread as time went by.
  The first big addition to the roster was the educational web site that you are visiting at the moment, with versions in both Serbian and English, which serves not only as radio show presentation, but also as a kind of information source for all people interested in contemporary music. Genres don’t exist there, and the only thread connecting all the music mentioned and reviewed is quality and originality: be it underground hip hop, African music, dub, free jazz, glitchy electronica, improvised, rock’n’roll or contemporary. In one word – music…

  A monthly residency called Soundscapes is presenting the latest developments in the electronic music field, also with a video content prepared by friends and associates from all around the world (Germany, Britain, Japan, Bosnia, Yugoslavia…). Event organizing is the third main activity, and BGYSS do their best to bring the hottest acts to Belgrade and present them to the local audience. So, the BGYSS DJ team supported many of the internationally famous artists, among them Jazzanova (Compost), DJ Shuriken (Compost), Rechenzentrum (Kitty Yo/Mille Plateaux), DJ Vadim & Russian Percussion (Ninja Tune/Jazz Fudge), Matt Black (Coldcut) and Pirate TV crew, Four Tet (Domino), Tony Morley (Leaf Label), Manitoba (Leaf Label), Murcof (Leaf Label), Sofa Surfers (Klein), Dub Club crew (Flex club), Sutekh (Context/Plug Research), Safety Scissors (Plug Research), Kit Clayton (Orthlorng Musork), Senking (Raster Noton), Vladislav Dlay/Luomo (Mille plateaux/Force Inc), Monolake (Imbalance), Jamie Liddell (Warp), Req (Warp), Kevin Blechdom (CoS), AGF (Orthlorng Musork), Tarwater (Kitty Yo), Information (Runne Grammofon), Pita (Mego), Tujiko Noriko (Mego/Tomlab), Andreas Berthling (Hapna), Aoki Takamasa (Progressive Form), Radian (Thrill Jockey), Thilges 3 (Staubgold) etc. etc. etc.

 BGYSS also took part in the big Transmediale festival in Berlin in the years 2002, 2003 and 2004. In between these experiences, they set up their own festival – Dis-patch – in Belgrade in October 2002, presenting more than 20 artists from 9 countries, and thus directly facing the local Yugoslav audience with a fine selection of contemporary electronic musicians. After the success of the first edition, the festival will hopefully go on, each October. BGYSS are, as music producers, now signed to the Cosmic.Sounds label from London with the debut 12” featuring internationally established remixers and a full-length album to be released in 2004. To promote the material, a live band has been set up, with two original members on programming and the addition of the double-bass player Ivan Antic (born 1974). The live shows present the wide scope of BGYSS’s musical interests, consisting of live electronic improvisation and the material to be released on the debut album in equal parts, which is more in the realms of acoustic, spiritiual, free jazz music – in its latest incarnation.

Stay tuned!

Jul 2000: Leaf Label showcase as part of BELEF summer festival Jun 2003: Blood & Honey exhibition, Sammlung Essl, Vienna, Austria
Jun 2001: exhibition Protest! in Steyr, Austria Aug 2003: Contact Europe 2 VJ festival, Vienna, Austria
Oct 2001: Cross Radio presentation in Ljubljana, Slovenia Sep 2003: Ultrasound festival, Budapest, Hungary
Jan 2002: Transmediale festival, Berlin, Germany Oct 2003: Dis-patch festival, 2nd edition, Belgrade
Jul 2002: Festival of Danube Countries, Ulm, Germany Nov 2003: Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, UK
Oct 2002: realization of 5-day Dis-patch festival in Belgrade Nov 2003: ORF Musikprotokoll festival, Graz, Austria
Jan 2003: Transmediale festival, Berlin, Germany Nov 2003: rx:tx label presentation, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Apr 2003: Zagreb Bienall of Music, Zagreb, Croatia Jan 2004: A 38, Budapest, Hungary
Apr 2003: exhibition, Museum for Contemporary Arts, Belgrade Jan 2004: Transmediale festival, Berlin, Germany (+ live video by Visomat!)
May 2003: Ring Ring festival, Belgrade (band show premiere!) Feb 2004: Electronautes festival, Paris, France
Jun 2003: Super!, Transformer Gallery, Washington DC, USA May 2004: Magdalena festival, Maribor, Slovenia
Jun 2003: Sub-tonic, New York City, USA May 2004: Pomladi festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia