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BAZAAR  - Various Artists CAT. NO: CS-19
Rare Jazz/Fusion Gems From Polish Vaults vol. 1

£8.50 + VAT

£8.50 + VAT

Polish jazz is well known for it’s richness and diversities and it would take quite a few volumes to present it properly. On this compilation I am trying to present a selection of  some real 60’s  jazz tunes that are not to straight but still very jazzy and full of  spiritual and cosmic powers and with some kind of groove and hypnotic rhythms in the background. Music that moves me. As usual I have the odd track out. This time it is Novi Singers, the only track from the 70’s. Don’t ask me why. ZK
Compiled by:

JERZY MILIAN - Ashkhabad Bazaar
02 ADRZEJ TRZASKOWSKI - Synopsis Expression II 4'23
03 KRZYSTOF KOMEDA - Katorna 7'30
04 JERZY MILIAN - Rewelacyjny Luciano 4'00
05 JAN WROBLEWSKI - Katorna 7'04
06 NOVI SINGERS - Rien Ne Va Plus 4'06
07 ZBIGNIEW NAMYSLOWSKI - Five Four Bars 6'24
08 JAN WROBLEWSKI - Rajd Safari 3'28
JERZY MILIAN -Tempus Jazz 4'15
POLISH JAZZ QUARTET - Promenade Through Empty Street 8'22


JERZY MILIAN, vibraphonist (10. April 1935)– Obviously the star in my eyes. Here represented with 3 tracks from the excellent album Bazaar that also gave a name to this compilation. Tracks are: "Ashkhabad Bazaar” with a strong ethno rhythm and minimalist approach. Pure groove. "Sensational Luciano” continues in a similar mood. "Tempuss Jazz 67" is an excellent jazz ballad with a beautiful vocals that will melt you down ANDRZEJ TRZASKOWSKI - "Synopsis Expression II" (A. Trzaskowski) Beautiful main theme with a lot of percussion and hypnotic rhythm section. KRZYSTOF KOMEDA – Born in 1931, the most acclaimed Polish jazz musician. "The Kitten” is a complex and powerful composition that became one of Polish jazz standards later reworked in a several styles. This is a milestone of Polish jazz. JAN “Ptaszyn” WROBLEWSKI, one of Polish jazz pioneers. These two tracks are from 1969 recording with the Jazz Studio Orchestra of the Polish Radio. Katorna is more fusiony version then original and includes solos by Tomasz. Stanko on trumpet and Zbigniew Namyslowski on alt sax. "Rajd Safari" is exactly what it says. Middle eastern sounds, you can feel the heat and dust. Excellent dreamy solo by Jerzy Milian on vibraphone. NOVI SINGERS "Rien Ne Va Plus" Well known vocal band who’s work spans over the decades. This is extremely uplifting 70’s style track. Very funky and with that 60’s hippie trippy feeling. Gilles P. tune. ZBIGNIEW NAMYSLOWSKI – Probably the most known Polish jazz musician . Great sax player who’s music evolved through decades. "Five Four Bars" is taken from his early 60’s period when he experimented with rhythms. This track is from the extremely rare 10” from 1963 Jazz Jamboree. volume 3. Samba influenced tune that takes you to the journey from Brazil to Europe and back. Excellent bland of styles and feelings. POLISH JAZZ QUARTET is formed in 1963 by tenor saxophonist JAN “Ptaszyn” WROBLEWSKI. Another pillar of the band was pianist Wojciech Karolak. Rhythm section Juliusz Sandecki on bass and Andrzej Dabrowski on drums. Track is taken from the only record they did (another rarity) under this name. If you are into jazz waltz and modality this is your tune.

Brilliant stuff -- 10 rare jazz tracks from the Polish scene of the 60s, one of the unsung hotbeds of modern jazz in the postwar years! For some odd reason, Poland was head and shoulders above most of its Eastern European contemporaries when it came to jazz -- and as you'll hear in this extremely well-compiled set, the music of the country was easily on a par with the best jazz work coming out of the US or other European nations at the time! The focus of the package is on some of the more groove-oriented tunes of the time -- ranging from hard-driving big band numbers through modal small group sides, and even including a few vocal numbers with a slightly edgy quality.

MARK TURNER (DJ Rocky Rococo @ Jazzadelica)
Following up collections from Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Russia, the latest stop on Cosmic Sounds' jazz tour of Eastern Europe is 1960's Poland. And it's a rousing success. Among my favorites are the four tracks featuring vibes player Jerzy Milian: three under his own name and a fourth as featured soloist with Jan Wroblewski and the Polish Radio Jazz Orchestra. Then there's a really swingin' track by the Novi Singers, one of the all-time greatest jazz vocal groups...from any country! Pianist and film composer Krzystof Komeda, perhaps the most familiar name here, is oddly represented by two versions of the same composition ("The Kitten"), both programmed on the same side of the record. Aside from that minor quibble, BAZAAR really is a valuable and entertaining document of a mostly ignored part of jazz history.

STRAIGHT NO CHASER (Spring 2002, page 75, by CT)
More Astonishing spiritual sounds from this wonderful underground label run by the knowledgeable Zeljko Kerleta. This Polish edition is fifth in line of 'Discoveries From The East' having so far covered Russia, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia - jazz has no boundaries these days. The richness hits you immediately with the spell binding sticks of vibraphonist Jerzy Milian opening track 'Ashkabad', only to further devastated by his neoteric, jazz breakebat groove 'Rewelacyjny Luciano' (translations welcome). 'Katorna' by Jan Wroblewski is likely to prove a new favourite for dancers at the Jazz Cafe - intense, fast, ferocious steam train of a track that suggests straight ahead jazz could work the rock world of pyrotechnics. There's a funky vocal inclusion of the blissfully harmonious Novi Singers and a heart Lifting bossa by Zbigniew Namyslowski for too rare to mention, so I have. This collection as those before it is remarkably hot and brilliant introduction to the renound Polish scene. If you call yourself a music lover don't miss this (DJs this is available on vinyl). My album of this issue easy. (CT)

SEVEN by ANDY THOMAS , Issue 149 Seven Update May 8, 2002
Profiling the sounds of East European jazz new and old with his Cosmic Sounds label, Zeljko Kerleta is a man committed to bringing this music to a wider audience. This is the fifth in a series looking at the areas vibrant jazz scene from the sixties and seventies (following on from albums of Czech, Russian and Yugoslavian gems). Along the same lines as the recent JCR compilation, this superb album focuses on the incredible jazz music of sixties' Poland. While Kerleta states that this is 'straight ahead jazz' there is nothing remotely safe about the fierce jazz of artists like Krystof Komeda and Jan Wroblewski. Elsewhere, the easy vocal jazz of the Novi Singers is offset by the Pharoah Sanders style jazz dance of Zbigniew Namyslowski, on an album that will surprise and inspire in equal measure.

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