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Matthey Timoney :Technics 1210 / Vinyl manipulation / addiction; Rhodes stage 73 electric piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, Akai/EMU samplers, Rhythm machine drumbox, Korg MS20, Moog Sonic Six, Hammond B3 organ, Vibraphone, Roland space echo 501 tape delay, Watkins copycat tape delay, Vox peardrop guitar, Latin percussion, shakers, Senheisser Microphones and Head phones 
Nina Miranda vocals 

Arrangements + production by Arkestra One   /  All tracks recorded @ Sunshine studios in Notting Hill, London. 


02 I REALLY WANT YOU  (Miranda / Timoney) 3'16
03 TRAIN TO MACHUPICHU  (Miranda / Timoney) 3'26
04 FILLING IT WITH SOUND  (Timoney) 1'10
05 SHINE  (Miranda / Timoney) 5'00
06 MAN FROM THE AUDIENCE  (Timoney) 3'17
07 THE SIRENS   (Timoney) 3'39
08 HOW COULD I LOVE YOU  (Miranda / Timoney /Gregory) 3'23
SEU PARAISO   (Miranda / Timoney) 3'54
HOT SAND  (Miranda / Timoney) 2'38
SKYDIVING  (Timoney) 5'06
@ MessyPro studio (   

design by: Julia Miranda


Matthew says: "The musical doors are wide open these days and that's got to be a good thing." And it is. Matthew has given us on his debut, a  conglomerate of all the styles that have influenced him, each absorbed and  finely tuned into Arkestra One's specific style. All the retro sounds jazz, Latin, lounge, soul, funk, soundtracks & ambient etc. are represented here not as a reproduction but as ingredients for a new type of sound. Sound rich in arrangements, smoothly layered and seductive no matter if you are jazzhead or soulman, downtempo guy or novice to all these styles and just trying to enjoy good music. 

Nina Miranda has contributed hugely in defining the original sound of this album, both by her unique voice and as a co-author on several compositions. She added the final touch and that little something to round the story. Her ;roots are unavoidable and that gave us that rich Brazilian flavour on several tracks.
This album is filled with sounds of nature and could be called 'green' or  'organic'. It is full of beautiful atmospheres, liveliness, soulfulness, deep groove and suspended tension wrapped into smoothness but ready to burst.  One that you can easily play again and again without noticing that it's the 3rd time around and will for sure become a classic.

PITTER JOPPICH (Spinning Wheel, Germany)
The promo CD from Arkestra runs hot in my player. With Nina Miranda from Smoke City ! One of my fav. groups from the last
years, although the 'little lighter' style, but it is not 'light', it is warm, deep and intelligent music !!! Be proud to make it on your label, the whole album is a real pleasure and with voice of Nina Miranda it's the cream of the top. If somebody doesn't like this, he doesn't like himself !!

(STYLIN - Rare grooves, hi-tech jazz and other worldly fusions, RRR 102.7FM, Melbourne, Live online) was especially nice to get a preview of the forthcoming Arkestra One LP featuring Nina Miranda (from Smoke City), which looks set to take on the Zero 7/Air market. The response from listeners was great, with one caller describing the music as "sublime"..

(OFFTRACK radio show Live online)

Nice record! Like "Into The Light" the best but there are other nice moments on the record" 
(Soul Crate Brothers)

(for 12"): This formation will storm the music scene all over the globe if there is just a bit of rightousness left in this crazy world we live in. Arkestra 1 brings supreme sample based jazzscapes for daydreamers, spiced up with the sweet voice of Nina Miranda (this lady is probably best known for her involvment in Smoke City). This 12" is already bringing us a lot of joy, but watch out till you hear their debut album because it really is the most exciting and charming full length we've heard for quite a while. 


One of the best records to date from London's Cosmic Sounds -- and a spacey batch of grooves that will definitely take you to the outer limits! Arkestra One have shown up briefly on Compost compilations, but this is their first album -- an understated mix of keyboards, gentle beats, and sweetly drifting female vocals -- prettier than most other macho efforts of this type, and done in a way that makes for tunes that are at once atmospheric and soulful, drifting and compelling. 


Whole album is beautiful! this is one of the nicest albums yet on CS. Been playing the promo copy but very cool to have the full length...

The Arkestra One LP is fantastic, reminds of a jazzier Nightmares on Wax. Keep up the good work. Slán go foill.
(Soul Patrol / Jazzthing)

I could listen to this music all day/all night - it is simply beautiful magic. very hard to pick tracks out but especially "Into The Light" and "Skydiving" which was one of my faves from the Compost 100 have this very special touch that makes you listening to it again and again. And all the beautiful vocals from Nina...mmmmh.

(N.Y. USA)

Terrific CD ! Nina Miranda's voice is - like magic being spinkled over beautiful tunes ! 
(Stuttgart, Germany)

This album is wonderful! Ninas voice unreal, mesmerizing and happy-making. Buy it! 
(leftofcentre radioshow on freeform radio, Ulm)

A truly downbeat pearl including the "clasics" like Skydiving, Shine or Seu Pariso. Makes the COSMIC SOUNDS catalogue (even) more warm and colourful. 
(STYLIN @ RRR 102.7FM, Melbourne )

The ever-reliable Cosmic Sounds label brings us one of their best new releases yet in the form of the debut LP from Arkestra One, who previously released the track Skydiving on Compost. Very warm, floating downtempo music for fans of Zero 7 and (early) Air. The vocals of Smoke City¹s Nina Miranda envelop a number of tracks on the album, including the stunning Shine. But the Trainspotter¹s Corner reference is reserved for the appearance of Janko Nilovic who handles string arrangements 

Gentle (Shifting Gears Collective)
(Rotterdam, Holland)

Waiting and waiting and waiting for the new Air album, and all of a sudden 'Arkestra One'. More then just a replacement. Thank you, Matthew! 

Arkestra One is Matthew Timoney, a London-based Finn, and his collaboration with Brazilian vocalist Nina Miranda (remember Smoke City's 'Underwater Love'?). Referencing Air's 'Moon Safari', The Irresistable Force and the Aphex Twin as major influences, Skydiving is a haunting combination of hypnotic samples, ('Filling It With Song' feat. Johnny Morris and the evangelical 'Man From The Audience') melancholic melodies, Miranda's intimate vocals ('I Really Want You') and enthusiastic Brazilian percussive on the recent single 'Train To Machu Pichu'. Dreamy, atmospheric and over too quickly. (KB)


There's something about the Scandanavians that urges them to churn out intricate ambient electronica and make you wonder what's in the water. And obviously we'll be trying to blag a trip to the Nordic states to find out what it is. In the meantime this Aphex twin and Air inspired album from Matthew Timoney creates strangely addictive tracks that are sometimes soothing, sometimes catchy latino, sometimes thickly layered and richly textured. An impressive debut.

You will know Arkestra One vocalist Nina Miranda from her work with Smoke City, and if you were drawn to Mark Brown & Co's dreamy jazzscapes you won't find much wrong with this latest release on Zeljko Kerleta's Maida Vale label. Tracks like 'I really Want You' and 'Seu Paraiso' inhabit the same ethereal space as 'Underwater Love' while the easy Bacharach style jazz of 'Hot Sand is tailor made for...well, hot sand really. And believe me the Ross Allen touted 'Train to Machu Pichu' will be steaming your way soon. The sound of the summer or as Nina Miranda puts it "music to dream to". 

JOHN FREER,, XLR8R Magazine etc... 
This is an astonishing organic album from qualified nurse Matthew Timoney, with vocals provided by the stunning Nina Miranda. His music certainly has the power to heal, and the moving concoction of sounds on offer here soothes the soul. Not really comparable to any lazy journalistic genre or currently trendy style, this organic album invokes memories of Kalima's beautiful "In Spirit" album of last year. "I Really Want You" takes twinkling keys, a pensive guitar, a graceful violin and holding back percussion to set things running, as Nina Miranda's desiring vocals adds the icing to the cake. "Shine" is a warm glowing number, with delicate vocals, an absorbing piano, a burning vibraphone and an explosive bass. "Man From The Audience" is a remarkable spellbinding fanatical spoken vocal journey, where keys provide the light at the end of the tunnel, and searching vocals pacify. "Skydiving" uses jaw dropping strings, wonder keys, a perfected sax and brushed percussion to exude a sense of beauty at a descent from the heavens. An album to alleviate all aches and pains. 

JACKSON HUNT The Milk Collective, London
Eschewing current trends this very welcome offering comes across as a breath of fresh air to the world-weary listener. Soothing, whilst avoiding well worn chill out clichés, the listener is treated to lovely vocals courtesy of Nina, lush strings, great keyboard work and some very strange but wonderful percussion on Train to Machu Pichu. The stand out track has to be How Can I love You More (the next single perhaps?) which probably combines all the elements of this impressive debut long player to the greatest extent. All Matthew's influences can be clearly felt, but perhaps Brian Wilson springs to mind beyond all others (indeed the album is roughly the same length as Pet Sounds). Now if that isn't high praise I don't know what is. 

JOHN BUSH review from AMG all music guide,September, http//
With its heavy Brazilian focus and lazy-day atmospheres, it's not difficult to see why Arkestra One's debut LP was picked up by ESL, the breakbeat label run by Thievery Corp. boardmembers Eric Hilton and Rob Garza. Surprisingly, though, producer Matthew Timoney outdoes Thievery themselves (who are prized more as taste-makers and DJs than producers) by turning in an imaginative spin on the oft-heard fusion of Brazilian music and trip-hop. Accompanying him on most tracks is Smoke City singer Nina Miranda, who is half-Brazilian, half-English and not only turns in a solid impression of the naïvely romantic Astrud Gilberto for "I Really Want You" and "How Could I Love You More," but shows her range by scatting along on a bright samba piece, "Train to Machupichu." Timoney is really the one holding it all together, though, evoking the simple pleasures of a mid-'60s production by Marcos Valle or Sergio Mendes on "Filling It with Sound," constructing a slinky Portishead backing for the highlight "Seu Paraiso," and gracefully turning the production around on "Shine," which exits with an eerie back-masked portion of the song itself. 

ARKESTRA ONE - "How Could I Love You More". A beautiful song featuring Nina Miranda, one of my favorite vocalists. She gue
edative to whatever ails you. Timoney fills the disc with a carefree groove that relaxes you to the marrow. On his debut he has enlisted the help of Nina Miranda, another disciple of Astrud Gilberto (with a little Bebel thrown in as well). As all Brazilian mavens must sound, so does Miranda. Her vocals are creamy and seductive and warm you in places you thought would always be cold. On "I Really Want You," Miranda has a somnambulant longing that gently places her vocals over your eyelids and puts a smile on your face. "Train To Machupichu" is a really fun, happy-go-lucky, Zap Mama adventure of a song. The woman's on six of the eleven tracks here, and each song is fills you with that whipped-cream-with-a-cherry-on-top playful sexiness that we've come to expect from the Brazilian female vocalist. 
Timoney alone has also crafted some impressive stuff. "Filling it With Sound" sounds like a British Burroughs being backed by The Fifth Dimension. "Man From the Audience" is a jazzy, vibed-out tune with the rantings of a televangelist (I don't know exactly what to make of the song aside from my likingsts on a lot of this album, but mostly it's Matthew Timony creating one flowing breeze of a song after another that makes this so noteworthy. 

CLAUDIA ANDRADE-BECK KindaMuzik, Groovy Digs Productions
After momentarily appearing with the track Skydiving on a few compilations, Compost Community and At Cafe-Apres, it's not surprising that Arkestra One has been taken under the wings of Washington DC's ESL label, releasing it's debut album. Arkestra One is Matthew Timoney, a registered nurse born in Finland but raised in London since a very young age. Together with Nina Miranda, a half Brazilian, half British chanteuse (Smoke City's Underwater Love) they team up for a match made in heaven and make this first full length album an irresistible and addicting listen that is skillfully produced and filled with refined organic sensibility. Intricately arranged and seductively laid-back, Arkestra One's music steers clear of the current downtempo fad, never short of pushing musical boundaries, and is more of a cross-pollination of Matthew's diverse musical tastes and influences. Dreamy soundscapes, breezy latin flavors and gentle jazzy tunes all inhabit a landscape that transports th! e listener in an atmospheric journey consisting of only blissful happiness. Heavily swayed by her Brazilian roots, Nina Miranda's luscious, soft-spoken voice seems to have that special intimate quality very similar to the one found in Astrud Gilbertos' understated vocals those of us have come to love so much. Her easy going approach to singing and the lyrics predominantly in Portuguese, contribute immensely to shape the vibe of this album, but in the end Matthew is really the one anchoring the ship. The disc opens with the cinematic sounds of Into The Light, setting the tone for what is to come, followed by the passionate and unavoidably romantic I Really Want You, laced in subtle violins. Train To Machu Pichu is more upbeat, with light percussion and infested with Brazilian zest. Man From The Audience has fanatical, obsessive spoken words of an Evangelist priest, and will immediately hold your attention. Also worth mentioning is the ethereal Shine, a standout track with lov! ely piano work, Filling It With Sound, The Sirens and Skydiving. This is music that has the power to heal the body, relax the mind, and sooth the soul. It is at once absorbing and remarkably beautiful. 

Just as hip-hop in the early '90s brought back the funk, acts such as Koop, Thievery Corporation, and Arkestra One (Matthew Timoney) will expose a new crowd to the wonders of jazz. Timoney, like the aforementioned groups, has a love affair with jazz from the late-'50s/mid-'60s and a nearly criminal obsession with that bossa/Brazil '66 sound. However, he (and the others) have enough of a hip-hop/dance sensibility to make it feel fresh and exciting and some of the nicest stuff you'll hear this year. 
Arkestra One is a dreamy, airy album, a breezy s
it). But the coup de grace has got to be "The Sirens," where Timoney reverberates the air with a heavy bass line and menacing rhythm while he layers female vocal on top of female vocal for a maddening, alluring spell that mysteriously has you crashing into your stereo while listening. 
Arkestra One is a truly impressive debut by a name we should look out for. It is intriguing and comforting at the same time and is utterly enjoyable -- a good time for those early evenings and late nights when things just aren't going right. Of course, this is exactly the kind of quality we've grown to expect from ESL, isn't it? 

Ela é Nina Miranda e tem uma voz doce de encantar, vocalista dos Smoke City e até já gravou um fado em inglês com o mestre António Chaínho. Ele é Matthey Timoney, o responsável pelo projecto, programador e compositor. Tem 27 anos, nasceu na Finlândia mas vive em Londres desde tenra idade. É enfermeiro mas a música é a sua "doença". Cosmic Sounds é uma editora discográfica britânica criada por um arquitecto jugoslávo e que se dedica a promover as novas sonoridades da Europa de leste, nomeadamente as fusões jazzísticas e electrónicas. Arkestra One é uma das principais apostas da editora. Um disco de electrónica/orquestral de fusão com fortes influências de bossa nova. Nina Miranda deu a voz a este projecto. O disco começa com um instrumental onde se escutam os pássaros num ambiente electrónico seguido de um dos mais belos temas deste trabalho: "I Really Want You" é uma canção simples, enternecedora que desenvolve uma segunda viagem na parte orquestral. "Shine" e "The Sirens" são dois temas a ouvir com atenção


Soulful and exotic assembled grooves by Matthew Timoney with vocals by Brazilian-born Nina Miranda, who are being helped out by various other musicians, of course. Lush 'n' loungey downbeat / triphop but not of the Kruder or Ninja kind - the music's too exotic for that. (I suspect Timoney has quite a few Arthur Lyman and Martin Denny records at home.) Some of the lushness has been created in a rather predictable manner, but there's quite a few fine highlights here, e.g. "Skydiving", "Seu paraiso" and "Man from the audience", which - admittedly - has tv preacher samples, but surprisingly good ones at that ("here comes a young man who says: 'I wanna get stoned on Jesus'"). Equally nice: "Train to Machu Pichu" and "I really want you", which ought to appeal to a Portishead crowd who've moved on to appreciating Astrud Gilberto and Brazjazz à la Jobim. Indeed, Nina Miranda's contribution to this album is invaluable throughout, as her singing is invariably very beautiful; "How could I love you more" is an impressive showcase of her vocal talents. (La Miranda has also been involved with other projects, e.g. Bebel Gilberto, Da Lata, Faze Action, Jah Wobble a.o.) There's a sophistication throughout this album which should also give it appeal to a jazz or fusion connaisseur crowd.

OC WEEKLY, Vol. 8 No. 08 October 25 - 31, 2002

Like Thievery Corporation—who are both their label mates and their bosses—Arkestra One is most interested in pushing bossa nova into a tough groove that’s everything to everyone. It has to be sexy, revolutionary, subversive, funny, even danceable, and with all those impossible expectations, Arkestra One should sound like a nervous breakdown. Instead, this band—London-based producer Matthew Timoney and vocalist Nina Miranda—crafted a bossa revelation. This sounds like bossa nova pioneers Tom Jobin and Astrud Gilberto taking a summer class on Sun Ra and Thomas Pynchon. It’s the only way to explain how Arkestra’s languid, bittersweet love songs can share aural space with everything else on their mind: happy Latin space jazz, haunted noir, left-field comedy and perfect serenity. Perhaps jealousy, too, since Arkestra One is the best realization of everything Thievery Corporation has been searching for. 


Arkestra One opens and closes in beautiful, ambient bliss. The opener, "Into the Light", employs drenched electric pianos, synthetic strings and a number of samples, all of which combine to create a hazy center. The electric piano rises above the misty atmosphere with a simple, lightly echoed melody that serves as a will-'o-the-wisp, tempting listeners back down into the icy fog. The overall effect, though unquestionably ambient, won't test your patience; rather, "Into the Light" is like the moment when a DJ takes away a definitive beat in order to reveal a sparkling landscape, only the landscape in question is elongated and tinged with mellow jazz. "Skydiving" closes the album in a similarly lush style. Here, "Into the Light"'s prominent piano is replaced by a few processed brass instruments and a central vocal sample that falters into and out of the mix, starting and stopping with just enough abruptness to seize attention each time it repeats. In between these two excellent tracks, the album's flavor is more definitive. Finn Matthew Timoney, the Brit behind Arkestra One, has teamed up with Brazilian singer Nina Miranda, who gives his electronic backdrops a tinge of her homeland's exotic jazz. In "I Really Want You" and "Train to Machupichu", she sings and scats in a playfully seductive manner, while Timoney keeps the music light and unobtrusive, adding a handful of percussion and rhythm instruments to the mix to suit Miranda's Brazilian style. The heartwarming, lush music provides an apt showcase for Miranda's voice, which is almost flawless enough to be mistaken for one of the pristine synthesizers. To a lesser effect, Timoney adds spoken-word clips to "Filling it with Sound" and "Man from the Audience". While they're far from being the album's best moments, these cuts offer a suitable break from their more ambiguous neighbors. There are few prominent lead parts here to actually grab you, but once you've been enticed inside the album's warm, hazy, tropical glow, the experience is quite rewarding. Tinges of reverb and echo will draw you down into a dynamic, syrupy center, amazing you with glittery strings and lightly tapped beats. Timoney, original but never isolated, does a bang-up job at incorporating jazzier styles into his ambient sound, marking Arkestra One as an impressive first phase of what I hope will be a long, blissful dream. 


Despite its association with the home label of Thievery Corporation, Arkestra One is likely to draw more comparisons to Zero 7 and Air. This is due to its penchant for lush orchestral atmospherics, moody cinematic keyboard melodies and sometimes lazy rhythms. Finland's Matthew Timoney is the music mind behind Arkestra One. He credits his creative impetus to hearing Air's Moon Safari. That's a fine place to get inspiration, but thankfully Timoney doesn't ape the French duo's sound. Arkestra One proves to be a promising debut. It's clearly the work of someone who has more than an ear for great samples, but also an ear for haunting melodies and infectious rhythms. The opening track, "Into the Light" is simple and gorgeous and that can be said of several tracks - Timoney nevers muddles the mix with unnecessary notes. Like Zero 7, Arkestra One uses vocals sparingly -- generally by Nina Miranda, who whisper sings in the vein of Astrud Gilberto. He also uses samples to good effect -- particularly on the subversively funny "Man from the Audience." All in all, Arkestra One's debut is a downtempo gem.


This is without a doubt the best album that ESL has released to date. While the music off the label is good, especially Thievery Corporation, this album is much richer and emotional then anything they’ve released. Behind Arkestra One is Matthew Timoney, a London based surgical nurse of all things, with his amazing guest vocalist Nina Miranda who adds so much to Timoney’s material. Arkestra One’s material has a rich and warm vinyl sound and even if he does use a lot of samples, you might not know or even care for that matter. Timoney has constructed beautifully melodic songs that contain only the essential elements of the 60’s bossa pop with desolate pianos, cheeky spoken word samples, catchy basslines and Nina’s vocals that really couldn’t of been a better fit for this work. Timoney knows it and fans of Alpha, Brazil ‘66 or Pizacatto Five will love this right away. I sure hope ESL gives this a proper push because they’ve stepped upon an album that really seems to combine everything they’re about and it really deserves a lot of good exposure. - JH 


Arkestra One's blissfully saturated compositions evoke strong sentiments of longing and floating. Like fragments of dreams or fading memories producer Matthew Timoney's music slips into those strange cracks in one's consciousness where bliss and sadness converge. With a deft, delicate studio touch Timoney blends loungey vibes, exotic samples, dub effects and pop simplicity. The results float into your brain like a waft of incense, meandering about until they slowly fade into the walls—always lingering.The delicacy of this recording is a result of keeping things simple—no song lasts more than a few minutes—and the voice of Smoke City's ('Underwater Love') Nina Miranda. Timoney couldn't have chosen a better vocalist to accompany these gentle songs and Miranda effortlessly gives life to their tender charms. Like sketches in a journal Arkestra One's songs are fleeting—almost too tender to go on (if there's one complaint it's that the songs are too short). Miranda's voice serves as an instrument in many cases, humming simple childlike choruses and bits of her native Portuguese. She does deliver lyrics though like on 'I Really Want You' turning the loaded implications of the title and chorus on its head with an emotionally lilted delivery. And on the CD's best track, 'How Could I Love You More', a truly sublime song, she channels the Velvet Underground's Nico, singing "how could I love you more, more than I do right now." Like the feeling you get when seagulls fly overhead on a brusk day, or that of leaves swirling around on a fall day, Arkestra One's all about feeling. It'll make sense when you hear it.

Matthew Timoney's self-titled debut on ESL as "Arkestra One" is one of the year's most pleasant surprises. Sultry and smooth from begin to fin, Timoney creates a beautiful mixture of ambient jazz and Latin soul, enlisting the help of "Smoke City's" Nina Miranda, who's soft laid-back vocals add a serene mysticism. There isn't a bad track on this album. Timoney manages to refrain from creating long drawn out pieces, instead engaging your thoughts, leaving you wanting more out of this 40 minute album, so get that repeat button ready. Light those candles, uncork that bottle of Pinot Grigio and enjoy those bitter fall nights, with "Arkestra One" you can't lose

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