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BELGRADE'S BURNING VOL. 2 - Various Artists CAT. NO: CS-22
Belgrade's 2002 Jazzy, Groovy, Funky, Trippy Club  Scene FORMAT: CD / LP

£4.50 + VAT

£4.50 + VAT

DJ CHILE - BB veteran DJ Chile this time is chilling out and describing his last summer holiday on Amargos. He even recorded the sound of waves while he was there. Lay down, listen to the sound of hot air and enjoy the sound of Samba.
MINT - Very groovy Hip hop jazz funk debut project from Panchevo (Belgrade's satellite city). Behind the name MINT is Zeljko "Bob" Tomic, sound technician on Radio Panchevo. Seductive vocals by Nina Zivic.
TUBACHIN - Another debut project from Panchevo just confirming how groovy this area is. Sooooooo soulful!!! Behind the project is Branislav Gluvakov on guitar, vocals and programming.

DJ CHILE - Greek Samba  
02 NOVA EXPRESS - Junky Hooker  8'22
03 MINT - That's What You Do 6'11
04 TUBACHIN - Soul Music
05 MAGIC DISCO TASTERS - Fiddler 5'08
06 ROBOT - 29th Madness 7'21 
07 BELGRADEYARD SOUND SYSTEM - There's Always Someone 5'20 
08 COXLESS PAIR - Insight
PAINKILLER SEPTET - Free Climbing 3'21
ZELJKO KERLETA - The Bull Is Dead 6'09
TEGET - I.R. Night Vision Goggles 4'29


NOVA EXPRESS - Two young and talented multi instrumentalists playing live all the instruments, composing and arranging. Dusan Petrovic-tenor and baritone sax, double bass and Mihailo Krstic-keyboards, drums, bass, violin, melafon, guitar (both members of Coxless Pair and Menson Benson Sextet) recorded in Mihailo's studio soundtrack for new Yugoslavian movie and this is one of the scenes in a good old blaxplotation style with a fresh touch.
ROBOT - Guitarist and producer Vladimir Djordjevic who's previous experience comes from Belgrade's bands "Klajberi", "Teget" (featured on BB vol.1 and here as well) and "Sila". He also did some music for film and theatre. This is his debut as a producer and brings us some fantastic jazzy floating.
BELGRADEYARD SOUND SYSTEM - The most avant-garde and radical couple of DJs from Belgrade with the motto "Don't Give People What They Want - Give Them What They Need". They are well known of their radio show on B-92 radio and gigs at "Pazi Skola". Here you have a chance to hear a debut and solo project of one of them - Goran Simonoski. It shows the depth and the free form that they represent.
COXLESS PAIR - Veterans Boris Mladenovic (guit.,  programming) and Dusan Petrovic (sax) in a full strength. Bori's excellent mastering of the rhythm and Dusan's very recognisable and amazing sax playing. Boris Bunjac from Belgrade's Philharmonics as a guest on vibraphone. 
PAINKILLER SEPTET- Another debutante and another B-92 radio DJ Bojan Mitrovic well known in Belgrade by his "Dzumbus" radio show on Sunday nights and summer jazz dance happenings on the river boat "Krivi Stojko". Sonja Loncar-piano, Milorad Ristic -bass, Rastko Lazic - production, Nenad Brankovic - proramming, Darkwood Dub friendly support, Bojan Mitrovic the rest. This is all about frantic jazz dance with some fantastic percussion. Very hypnotic.
TEGET- After very well received track on BB1 (Tonic) here is another archive track from acclaimed and unreleased Teget's album from few years ago. Hypnotic, repetitive and catchy. At the time Teget was: Dusan Petrovic (Wurlitzer el. piano); Boris Mladenovic (live mix); Dejan Vucetic (initial programming); Milorad Ristic (eff. bass); Vladimir Djordjevic (loop guitar, eff. guitar); Bojan Drobac (guest on synth guitar) .
ZELJKO KERLETA - Well known jazz warrior and ethno explorer this time visits Spain and with "The Bull Is Dead" trying to put a different point of view on one sad "victory" and using some local elements to create the right atmosphere.
MAGIC DISCO TASTERS - Not just intriguing name but the music as well. Dusan Otasevic and Gojko Gelev are leaders of this formation consisted of some permanent and some session musicians. On vocals is now eminent opera singer Katarina Jovanovic and this was recorded in 2000 but rearanged and finished this April. Gojko Gelev(arr, producer), Sandra Bosnic (lyrics), Katarina Jovanovic (voc), Dusan Otasevic (g), Bojan Vasic (p), Vlada Novicic (b), Aleksandar Marinkovic, (tbn), Aleksandar Petkovic (d.a.b.)(sax), Vladimir Jovanovic (tp)

Nebojsa Atanackovic alias 'JAZZMATE'
definetely the most mature collection of dance music coming from this area. not just putting some great pieces together but acting as a "true jazz mentor" (many of these producers are working in the 'lo-fi surrounding') zeljko kerleta picked up all the creativity & future talents as well as some pioneers & veterans of jazz backgrounded scene in belgrade. the result is astonishing: from the excellent jazz dance b-side ('bojan mitrovic', 'belgradeyard ss' and 'mr kerleta' himself) to the chilly bossa by 'djchile' or raw & funky 'mint'. but the absolute winner is the breathtaking mellow pearl from the completely underground formation "magic disco tasters" for which i could easily imagine to be dug out somewhere in the 70s by somebody like russs dawburry and never believe that in fact this is nowdays production from serbia. amazing track & hidden tip!

ENNIO STYLES STYLIN, Friday afternoons 12-2pm RRR 102.7FM, Melbourne
Belgrade's Burning is back with volume 2 digging out more from the Belgrade new (and nu) jazz underground. Once again selected by musical renegade and Cosmic Sounds label boss Zeljko Kerleta, he's even managed to sneak a new track of his own on there (despite now being based in London). And what a superb, hypnotic track it is, reminiscent of some of the 70s East European jazz tunes influenced by Spain like Jazz Q's "Carodej" and Jazz Celula's "Ohen Az Pozar".

Funky tunes from the Yugoslavian underground -- with a good bit of jazz thrown into the mix! Cosmic Sound's second dip into the Belgrade scene is even richer than the first -- showing an array of under-discovered artists with talents that run far past the usual sample and program mode. Many of these tunes are steeped in the 70s modal and fusion jazz styles that inform the reissue work on Cosmic Sounds -- and although there's a lot of different artists on the set, there's a warm cohesiveness to the material that makes the compilation instantly captivating.

NICK WESTON Mukatsuku Chart 14.07.02.
(5.magic disco tasters - fiddler -cosmic sounds)
Track is taken from the Belgrade's Burning 2 album and if the summer so far has been a bit of a let down then let Katarina Jovanovic come at you with this vocal future jazz classic sunshine filled scorcher. Marvelous life affirming stuff.

CIAN Ó CÍOBHÁIN 'An Taobh Tuathail', on nationwide RnaG, Eire
Playlisted DJ CHILE-GREEK SAMBA (03,17 and 25.July, 02), PAINKILLER SEPTET-FREE CLIMBING (04.July, 02.), ZELJKO KERLETA - THE BULL IS DEAD (16 and 23.July and 06. August 02) and COXLESS PAIR (13. August, 02)
"BELGRADE'S BURNING 2" is No.1 on top 10 compilations w/end 07.07.02.

ROBERT LOCHMANN (DJ Jazzmadass) Jazz 101.4 Ffm on Radio x , Frankfurt
Theb Belgrade´s Burning is a BOMB. I´m really amazed about the uncompromising but absolutely entertaining styles featured. On Wed. 03. July, 2002 played BGYSS-There Is Always Someone, Nova Express-Junky Hooker and Robot-29th Madness.

SIMON, Straight No Chaser
".....lovin the belgrade's burning album. painkiller septet is a killer deep tune...."

DAVID BASSIN FreeFall, San Francisko
This set of nu-jazz from the Yugoslavian underground features outstanding musicians you've never heard of giving an Eastern European spin to samba, house, hip-hop and Latin-style breakbeats. How do you say, "dope!" in Serbian?

The second in this series from Zeljko Kerleta's label reveals yet more quality music from the Serbian underground. The album really takes off in the second half as it hits the jazz base. Belgrade Sound System's 'There Is Always Someone' begins with a bluesy Abbey Lincoln feel before breaking into a crazed free jazz track, Robot's '28th Madness' is a Pharaoh Sanders style jazz dancer, while Kerleta provides 'The Bull Is Dead', an emotive piece of nu modal jazz. Belgrade Burning, thankfully for all the right reasons. Andy Thomas 5


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