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NOW'S THE TIME by Kevin LeGendre - Various Artists CAT. NO: CS-29


£5.50 + VAT

£5.50 + VAT


This is the selection of some amazing jazz tracks recorded in recent years. Music that in our opinion needs much more exposure that has been receiving. It is absolutely amazing mixture of jazz, world, fusion, and funk transformed into something sublime what could be called the jazz of our time. Although using all of the traditional jazz elements this music is so full of current sensibility and fresh new ideas. Now's The Time

02 OMER AVITAL - Marakesh 7'21
03 OMAR SOSA - Elegguá 3'59
04 PETER APFELBAUM - Long Road Motherless Child 5'15
05 AZILUT - Pumpkin's Delight 5'44
06 TIED & TICKLED TRIO - Van Brunt / Van Ness 7'58 
07 MARTIN FRANCE - Spin Marvel 3'28 
09 KADASH & THE NILE TROUP - Ellil 11'15 *

* 09 is CD-only bonus track


STRAIGHT NO CHASER, Summer 2003, p.69
The view that I encountered amongst some 'heads' when I said I'd be presenting a show of contemporary jazz was one of thinly veiled scepticism," explains Kevin Le Gendre regarding his recently pulled BBC London show 'Now's The Time'. This superb compilation released by avid listener and label owner Zeljko Kerleta is testament to Le Gendre's vision - a celebration of contemporary music reverberating with the vibrations which form what Max Roach termed our 'Universe of Sound'. Opening with Charles Brackeen's modern day spiritual 'Attainment', the album travels from the eastern modalism of Omar Avital's 'Marakesh' and the Egyptian improvisation of Kadash & The Nile Troup's 'Elil' through to the devotional jazz poetry of Omar Sossa's 'Eleggua' and the subterranean jazz funk of 'Spin Marvel'. Very deep and very essential. ANDY THOMAS
- also check the 'Undercurrents' at page 23 for the article on Kevin LeGendre
MAT HEYWOOD @ Somethin' Else

A Unique modern jazz compilation.This deserves maximum support espec. on top of those great eastern block compilations.
TOM WIELAND @ Les Gammas / Panoptikum, Austria
..Excellent deep selection! one for the old school couch jazz headz...and good coverdesign,too.
MARK 'XANGO' @ 'Satelliet', Netherlands
Some people master the skill of seeking raspberries better than anyone else. Kevin LeGendre is one such person. My goodness, what fine and deep oriental jazzcolours he compiled. Most of the tracks are not to be found by ordinary people, so we're grateful. Thanx to Kevin for 2 years of 'Now's the time'.This is a pretty gift for all music lovers around. Let's hope it's not his last one. My favourite tracks: Burhan Ocal ft. Jamaaladdeen Tacuma and Kadash with his Nile Troup.

ROCCO PANDIANI @ Right Tempo, Italy
You really got me with this one!!!!!!!
DAVID BASSIN @ FreeFall, San Francisco
Kevin LeGendre - the host of the BBC London radio program collects some of the show's highlights and what highlights they are! Jazz from around the globe representing some of the genre's most innovative artists working in a myriad of styles. Sounds of Africa, the Middle East, Jamaica and Eastern Europe are given breathtaking arrangements by Charles Brackeen, Omar Sosa, Tied & Tickled Trio, Peter Apfelbaum and Kadash & The Nile Troup, to name a few. Kudos to Cosmic Sounds for yet another outstanding release.

ENNIO STYLES @ Stylin, Australia
This is heavyweight powerful music. I've been curious about Kevin Le Gendre ever since I heard about his show. I could never check it out because I was always at work at the time it was on. Now I can't check it out at all. So thanks for putting the compilation out because I don't know how I would have heard this music otherwise. Kevin obviously has a unique ear and I'm sure that finding these tunes was a lot of work (there's a lot of really bad contemporary jazz to wade through). The liner notes comment "It's not Nu Jazz even though it's new jazz" really sums it up. "Marrakesh" by the Omar Avital Group is particularly breathtaking.

One of the most striking albums on the always-striking Cosmic Sounds label -- a rich collection of contemporary jazz tracks, showing the underground spirit of the 70s is alive and well! The tunes on this set are of recent origin, but many of them feel like they could have been lifted off of some of our favorite compilations of older tunes -- mixing jazz and world music influences, like some of the best sets on the Soul Jazz label, or some of the excellent Shibuya Jazz Classics series. The material is compiled by Kevin LeGendre in memory of his similarly titled show on the BBC, which presented work in a similar vein -- and the scope of the music is a bracing reminder of the persistence of creative energy in jazz! 

SIMPLY COSMIC… The loss of Kevin LeGendre’s Now’s The Time show on BBC London is another diminishing blow to jazz on radio. Kevin has kept alive, with an engaging passion, a seriously neglected area of the music, constantly reminding us of the debt we owe so many overlooked African-American freeform and World pioneers stretching back to the Sixties and Seventies. Now some of Kevin’s priceless collection is set out in the Now’s The Time compilation on the enterprising Cosmic Sounds label. So many favourites here… bassist Omar Avital’s swirling Middle-Eastern big-band bash (Marakesh), that undersung American saxophonist Charles Brackeen (the uplifting Attainment), UK drummer Martin France’s dubbed-out Überfunk of Spin Marvel and the exciting collision of bassist Jamaladeen Tacuma and Burhan Orcal (Two By Two). As Kevin suggests: ‘Maybe now’s the time for the "rhythms of resistance"…’. Amen.

NIK WESTON @ Mukatsuku Pr
Going deeper then a Jacques Coustau film crew!!

BBC London may have pulled Kevin LeGendre's "Now's The Time" radio show, but the enchanting music lives on, as this selection shows. Bringing in wide-ranging talent from around the world, the Jazz musicians here show the influence of many styles of music on their productions. The Charles Bracken Quartet's "Attainment" is a much needed call for peace and understanding, over a versatile elastified bass, knocking percussion and emotive afro-sax. "Pumpkin's Delight" by Azilut, is a macabre celebration of Halloween, with a brooding clarinet, sprinting jumped-up drums and a dancing sax that has screaming tendencies. Burhan Orcal and Jamaladeen Tacuma's "Two By Two" is a minimalistic percussive frenzy, where a thinly laced thinking guitar rides alongside emphatic tribal drumming, moving shakers and a fluid bass. This is an inventive and challenging selection from around the world, which blows away peoples preconceptions of Jazz as a conservative motionless genre.

JOHN L WATERS / Guardian 9 May 2003, page 21
Now's The Time takes you into the fertile mind of Kevin LeGendre, whose short-lived BBC radio programme demonstrated his ear for the wilder, looser fringes of jazz fusion. It sounds great at night, driving back from a gig or a late shift. Someone should give him another show.

RICHARD E. (Solar Apple Quarktette / Further Out recordings)
Something solid to remember Kevin's sadly defunct 'Now's The Time' radio show by. A properly interesting selection that really does dig deeper than the average "jazz" comp. Great sounds, great packaging.

got in Mr LeGendre through his writing. then one night i caught part of his show and it was what i expected. this cd is one cosmic sound!!!

Amazing collection, buy it now and hear the new sound!

SOMETHIN' ELSE @ BBC3 on their Top Ten @ Jazzwise, May 2003, p14.
RAGGY's 'Off Limits' @ Solar Radio Martin France - Spin Marvel
Dj BEN G @ Right On FM The Omer Avital Group - Marrakesh 
DAVID BASSIN @ FreeFall Charles Brackeen Quartet - Attainment + The Omer Avital Group - Marrakesh
JAZZMATE @ Leftofcentre  The Omer Avital Group - Marrakesh 
MARK 'XANGO' @ 'Satelliet', Netherlands  Burhan Ocal ft. Jamaaladdeen Tacuma - 2 By 2 + The Omer Avital Group - Marrakesh + Omar Sosa - Elegguá
CIAN Ó CÍOBHÁIN @ An Taobh Tuathail  The Omer Avital Group - Marrakesh + Tied & Tickled Trio - Van Brunt/Van Ness + Azilut - Pumpkin's Delight + Peter Apfelbaum - Long Road/Motherless Child
DJ KEYSER @ Tilos Radio Omar Sosa - Elegguá
GILLES PETERSON @ Worldwide Charles Brackeen Quartet - Attainment
ROCKY ROCOCO @ jazzadelica Charles Brackeen Quartet - Attainment

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