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Rythmes Contemporains

£8.50 + VAT

£8.50 + VAT

When I heard Gilles playing Xenos Cosmos a few years ago I was stunned. I walked around the room repeating: this is a masterpiece, this is a masterpiece! I was amazed to find a Yugoslavian musician that I had never heard of. It took a while to solve the mystery. Janko Nilovic is a pianist, poet and composer extraordinare from Montenegro who has lived in France since 1960. He is one of those musicians who devote themselves to music fanatically. He isolated himself from the rest of the world to create his own universe in a Parisian suburb, consisting of his instruments, local musicians and composers. At least 10 hours a day of experimenting and searching for the right composition resulted in a great number of published works, but most of them are on library labels not available for sale. His opus stretches from Classical, Jazz and Funk to Pop, Psyche and Easy Listening. He touches all these styles in a characteristic way. Nilovic - poet as well as musician - creates poetic musical images by bending the edges of styles, cross-pollinating them.  Janko recorded many albums for the MONTPARNASSE 2000 library label which specialises in music for Radio and T.V., musical illustrators and Film Music clubs. Rythmes Contemporains is my favourite from that series. It was recorded in 1972-73 in the Paris studio "Des Dames Et Hoche". This magnificent project gathered 45 of the then best French musicians to be conducted by Nilovic,. He composed all the songs  and made all the arrangements. All the compositions are his perceptions of  the surrounding environment: Black On White Ground represents the contrasts of  modern life. Giant Locomotion is a description of a big city, with all its lights, noise, colours, wide avenues and 24 hour life. Xenos Cosmos is a homage to space heroes; Underground Session evokes jams in the corridors of the Paris Metro; Movement Aquatiles is about nature's metamorphoses; The Savage Rose reflectsLatin American colours. All these musical paintings are vivid and uplifting. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  (Zeljko Kerleta, 2000)




Dusty Groove America  / Mailorder Internet Shop, Chicago
Stunning and fantastic! This is a rare bit of funky jazz, written by the legendary European composer Janko Nilovic -- Montenegran by birth, but best known to the world for his classic 60s and 70s recordings in Paris. Rhythms Contemporains is an astounding batch of baroque funky jazz tracks -- played with a complex sound that recalls the best MPS moments of the early 70s electric years, and filled with funky keyboards, wah wah guitars, and large complex rhythms that push way way past the usual funk album! The overall vision of the work is astounding -- and the CD is sure to be a treasure for anyone who digs the work of European funky bandleaders like Gustav Brom, Erwin Lehn, Peter Herbholzheimer, or Cortez. Great stuff throughout -- and one of the freshest reissues we've heard in ages! 

Lowlands / Belgium
Recordings from the 70's, gathering together 45 of the best French musicians to be conducted  by NILOVIC, pianist and composer extraordinaire from Montenegro who has lived in France  since 1960. Combination of LALO SCHIFRIN, JOHN  BARRY and the great chase themes of the 60's and  70's. James Bond meets Dirty Harry and Inspector  Clouseau in a car race with Mister Bullit Mc Queen and  Bruce Lee … 

ECHOES magazine (April 2001, page 39) Elia Rulli
This Yugoslavian who based himself in France from the '60s onwards, locked himself away in a suburban studio and delivered this masterpiece. Ranging from classical to jazz to funk and beyond, the overall effect is quite psychedelic, but in a good way. While each song (well, they're more like opuses) has their own feels, this is an album to experience the whole way through. Repeatedly.

RONNIE SCOTT'S magazine (No. 131, page 10) Chrissie Murray
OK, imagine Pearl & Dean meets the Cinematic Orchestra by way of Charles Mingus? Yugoslavian Nilovic, based in France since 1960, worked ten hours a day creating this blazing jazz 'wall of sound' (1972). Briliant and thirty years ahead of his time.

JOHAN DADA VIS (Disquarium)
My rating: 4 points on 5. Wooow! the opening track just blew me away; you really need to listen this with loud volume!. Big, beeeeeeeg big band jazz with vocal chorus and electric guitars and strong rhythm section. Sort of a jazz version of prog rock, but thankfully NOT free jazz. Very ambitious and bombastic, but not pretentious. Heavy production, a wall of sound, but still very clean sound, you can hear all the details. The rhythm and dynamics change all the time, this is a very intruiging listening experience! Only 6 tracks, but some long ones

RONNIE (Disquarium)
It is a French library LP from around 1972 originally released on the MP2000 label. It is quite funky. Some of it is very orchestral It is played by a 45 piece orchestra, It is a bit like some seriously funked up Stan Kenton, sometimes a bit jazzy, some of it is quite middle eastern, sounding often very weird, accompanied by some nice guitars (with a curiously prog rock type of sound occasionally) there is also a chorus of wordless vocals. It is laced with lots of soundtrack style breaks in a sort of Lalo Schifrin Manner (there may also be a hint of Deodato). The overall impression I get is an LP which is listenable all the way through (with nothing in the way of low points, or filler tracks). IT IS REALLY F***ING FANTASTIC. It is a must buy for anyone who likes very groovy sounds. Buy it. Superb-----really magic stuff---very unusual sounds indeed.

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