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By DJ Ennio Styles :
What a fantastic mix up from Zeljko Kerleta (from Belgrade via London), giving us some of the amazing discoveries from his jazz vaults alongside the fresh new sounds of his Cosmic Sounds label. The old tunes are part of his compilation series highlighting the jazz scenes of different countries in Eastern Europe. And it was especially nice to get a preview of the forthcoming Arkestra One LP featuring Nina Miranda (from Smoke City), which looks set to take on the Zero 7/Air market.
The response from listeners was great, with one caller describing the music as "sublime" and another one sending me this in an email:
"That Cosmic Sounds stuff you played the other day was great - gotta love that jazzy latin sounds. From what you say though it could be hard to get this stuff in Melbourne. Hence my request to join your mailing list - at least with the song titles/artists I can do a little bit of hunting."
- Arkestra One's debut 12" 'Train To Machupichu' featuring Nina Miranda is getting radio plays from promo CD-Rs. Should be released on 15th January.
Zeljko Kerleta @ Plastic People on 24th. Report by Soul Crate Brother Shuriken:
I'm glad to have witnessed Zeljko Kerleta's lesson in jazz, attitude and style @ Plastic People! This guy is definitely teaching a lesson to us all behind the decks! I was train spotting his records like a beaver on acid! Not only did he play the same sort of uncompromisingly exciting blend that I've only heard from the Belgradeyard Sound System guys, he did it with a deep knowledge and understanding. There must be something in the water in Belgrade that just turns you into a daring person, who loves music so much to give the audience what they need (and not necessarily what they want). And those of you, who don't know: he is running a label in London. Cosmic Sounds is my most reliable source when it comes to quality jazz music from Eastern Europe. The CS compilations helped me a lot in mapping the past of Eastern jazz (and you know, I'm from that region too and still, Zeljko knows more then I probably ever will), not to speak of the reissues ultra-rare albums by big-guns like Dusko Gojkovic. However, he is also releasing new stuff (and you probably know by now that he's quite picky, don't expect the average nu-jazzy bits that lack real musical substance). There is a new 12" (Alex Rostotsky - Once Upon a Time in the City of Kazan) out to convince anyone.
The First Cosmic Sounds 12" single is out and getting playlisted all around the world: ALEXANDER ROSTOTSKY- ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE CITY OF KAZAN
After pretty quiet summer we are finally starting new 12" series that will include all of our artists. First two, ready to come out:
ALEXANDER ROSTOTSKY- ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE CITY OF KAZAN. It will include original album version from the forthcoming CS album and two remixes by DA VIBEZ BOYS and ZELJKO KERLETA
ARKESTRA ONE - TRAIN TO MACHU PICHU (a lot of Brazilian flavors) as a preview for his debut album. There will be a 'Jazz Warrior' mix by ZELJKO KERLETA and remix by DA VIBEZ BOYS on the B side. 

You can listen to Zeljko Kerleta's 70 min 'in a mix' radio program on:
-Crippled Dick Hot Wax records has invited ZELJKO KERLETA to do a remix of one of the tracks from their compilation 'Beyond And Behind The Iron Curtain'. Track is called NEWCOMER and will come out on their compilation 'Iron Curtain Revisited' where, apart of Zeljko's mix, you will find mixes by Volker Meitz, Kasar, Kabuki, Joakim Lone, Maxwell Implosion, Les Gammas, Baku, Phoneheads, Orbit Experience, Higher Than God and Nootropika etc. Release date 28 September.
-DUSKO GOJKOVIC's album BELGRADE BLUES came out at the end of May. This is our first release on CD for Dusko's fans. It contains two albums previously released only on vinyl: CS-01 and CS-14.
-TONE JANSA's album BUOYANCY just released and shows our dedication to bring out to light some serious stuff. Killer jazz.
-Excellent feature about Cosmic Sounds came out in April's issue of ECHOES magazine. 
-Another excellent release in series 'Rare Gems'. This time from Yugoslavia under the title BALKAN EXPRESS. Lot of radio plays and great respond. Some say the best one so far.
-Arkestra One is finishing his debut album with Nina Miranda and expecting release date is July 2001. Compost has licensed one of the tracks for their latest compilation 'Compost Community' that just came out. So, you can taste a sample of ARKESTRA ONE and you'll know why we are looking forward for the whole album to come out.
Last two CS albums  'V.A. - BELGRADE'S BURNING' and 'ALEXANDER SOPCHEK - MASKS' are getting great reviews:
JAZZWISE magazine, MUZIK magazine, PLASTIKS magazine (Belgium), ROSS ALLAN's DESTINATION IN, Italian THEVIBESNET site, MIKE CHEDWICK's CUTTING EDGE on JAZZ FM, PUREDM.COM dance music site, New Musical Express, ECHOES magazine, FUTURE MUSIC magazine, STRAIGHT NO CHASER, XLR8R (USA)...etc. Check individual pages for each release's reviews.
JANKO NILOVIC has just finished material for his brand new album for Cosmic Sounds. It is planned to be recorded in Belgrade next May with RTS Big Band (ex RTB), chorus and strings and few well known names as a guests.
ALEXANDER SOPCHEK's album Masks got a great review in JAZZWISE magazine.  Official promotion of the album is held at Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade on 20. January.
THIRD EYE is on Jazzadelica's top 10 compilations for the year 2000.  Also Belgrade's Burning is on Jazzadelica's current top 10 albums.