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O T H E R S   A B O U T   C O S M I C   S O U N D S

STRAIGHT NO CHASER (Summer 2001, page 9) Karl Injex
Zeljko Kerleta, through his Cosmic Sounds imprint, has brought light to selection of European jazz sides long overlooked, and long overdue for rediscovery. In a similar vein as the JCR, Amiga and Muza compilations, and the recent Re-spins series on Spinning Wheel, Kerleta digs deep into the vaults of the best Russian, Czech and Yugoslavian jazz labels of the past five decades to give us a glimpse of this unique and inspiring take on the jazz idiom. From wicked straight ahead sessions to the most heady fusion experiments Cosmic Sounds delivers a destilled narrative in the form of handful of well defined compilations, each containing excellent liner notes and historically foundation. This BBC architect turned jazz warrior has put it on the line for the music, and his respect is certainly due. Check Cosmic Sounds at your local vinyl purveyor.

GILLES PETERSON (Summer 2001 at Cargo club, about Zeljko Kerleta and Cosmic Sounds, from TV interview)

Cosmic Sounds label is so cool. And not just the music that he is pulling out from the back catalogue from his country but also the new music he's making. He's making some really interesting things which are really original and quirky and exciting. The more people like him the better it is. And there are people like him coming from all over the world now. He is very hot. He's very, very hot.

ECHOES (April 2001) Elia Ruli

ZELJKO KERLETA IS ON A MISSION. THAT'S THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN EXPLAIN THE RELEASE OF 14 ALBUMS IN THE SPACE OF YEAR-AND-A-HALF. And the fact that the label is attracting attention from some of the scene's players like Peter Kruder and Ross Allen is no surprise when you learn that Cosmic Sounds London specialises in excavating and re-releasing Eastern European jazz from the last four decades - delivering compilations of jazz from Russia Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and beyond as well as repressing original albums by some of those countries' top talents. Possibly not the most commercial proposition but Zeljko is all about love... Cosmic Sounds - London is not just a re-issue label; it also presents new artists making contemporary jazzy sounds. One of these artists is Zeljko himself...."

STRAIGHT NO CHASER (Spring 2001, page 9) Karl Injex
Look into Zeljko Kerleta's excellent Cosmic Sounds label for a dose of Eastern European Jazz 21st-century style.
Personally, I think your musical enterprise does more for bringing Eastern Europe closer to the so-called West than any amount of political initiatives from the EC. Above all - great music! What I particularly like about your label is that it is - in a way - re-writing musical history.  By releasing a lot of jazz music - hitherto - unavailable in the West - you are - as it were filling in the blank bits on the musical map - and giving the lie to the notion that jazz music - in particular - stopped at the Berlin wall.  And if jazz music is - as like to think of it - freedom music, your releases show that it can thrive even in the most inhospitable conditions - just as it did in a racially divided America.

ALAN ELIAZAR, promoter, Memphis, USA
what to say? have you ever heard music that is so new and fresh and exciting that you feel like you dare not play it for anyone else because you want it all to yourself? music that is inspiring, innovative, and alive? thats how i feel about the package you just sent me. my crap speakers on my pc did absolutley no justice to the music you are putting out. the best part is, i feel like these records are the very tip of an enormous love-boat-eating iceberg, and everyone is going to enjoy drowning afterwards. i cant say enough great things about the stuff you sent me, and without sounding too ridiculous. thanks again for putting out such a great music...

DJ TRUE ("Deeper Than Disco" on WHCR 90.3 FM NYC, Harlem Community Radio)
You guys are awesome. Just thought I'd let you guys know, there hasn't been a time I played your records that didn't result in countless inquiries. Keep up the great work. In a minute...

ALAN GUBBY (TRUE (Jung Collective / Nanny Tango)
...thanks for re-discovering some of the best, deepest, most cosmic music I've been lucky enough to hear in recent years.